Interested in a WordPress site?

WordPress is a proven, reliable website platform. It’s great for blogging, and it’s also great for showcasing events, selling products, and displaying portfolios. In short, over 25% of websites in 2017 are built on WordPress. I’ve used it myself for over 8 years and I’ve broken my own site (AND fixed it) enough to know the most common mistakes & configuration errors first-hand. I’ve also discovered ways to simplify the back end of the website so you feel comfortable editing it! (And no worries — if something happens and you get a blank white screen, just give me a holler. I can fix it in a jif.)

One of WordPress’s upsides-but-downsides is the 50,000 plugins available that can extend WordPress into just about anything you’d want in a website! Plugins are wonderful, but they’re also often the main culprit in a site outage. I use the most reliable plugins, and as few as possible, to make your website stable and reliable.

I use the Genesis framework which means you get extra security and a mobile theme built-in to your website. I’ll create a customized site design for you using the strong Genesis framework. I love working with in-house or agency graphic designers to create an experience that matches your company’s brand!

If you’re in love with a WordPress theme that doesn’t run on Genesis, I can usually match it with a custom development.

I just want a basic website — WordPress is too much for me!

I’ve worked with Wix and other site builders. Whatever you’d like to build your site on, I’d be happy to make it happen.

During our free consultation, I’ll ask you all about your business and what you want your website to do for you. And I’ll give you an honest opinion on if you should use WordPress or stay with a basic option.