You can describe it in words, you can share a picture, but sometimes the BEST way, is to actually SHOW.

Let’s work together to create a video that showcases your business. Or – let’s create a video showing your customers how to use your products to solve their problems! A lifestyle video showing your products in action, or before & after treatment, will help your clients more interested in ever in your services.

Here are some examples of videos I’ve created from start to finish.

Instructional Video for a Retail Endcap

Promotional Video for Sporting Goods Sale

Working with Smith & Edwards staff, I wrote the script for this Cyber Week promotion and filmed & edited the video. It reached over 9,000 views on Facebook.

I’ve also worked on campaigns for other companies and I’ve gotten to know audio specialists, lighting specialists, and camera operators & DPs who know even more than I do. If you’re interested in a larger production, please contact me and I can create a crew and budget that fits your needs!